Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Turning leaves -- and John Lilly in Eugene!

Dear Friends,

Well, the worm has turned. Leaves are falling and all that outdoor work I should do has acquired a deadline. 

Something special is coming up in September. West Virginia singer, guitarist, Honky Tonk scholar and ace songwriter John Lilly will be in Eugene on a very busy tour through Idaho, Washington and Oregon. 

One reason this is special is because he has seldom made it out this way before. The other reason is because he's just awesome. He writes new songs that already have dust on them. He seamlessly strings together divers strands of Americana music that have been described as "all the things that are missing from contemporary country music." The authenticity and focus in his shows are wonderful and his low-key delivery is like gravy on biscuits. 

Check out his music, and, even better, come see him sing. His only Eugene appearance will be a house concert on Thursday, September 10. Gather at 7:00, downbeat at 7:30. Suggested donation is $10-15. Call 541 684-8216 for reservations and directions. You won't regret it.

Also coming up:
September 5 the Low Tide Drifters play the Tumbleweed Festival in Richland, WA

September 11, 7:00 pm Kells Bells music with Chico Schwall and Friends at the Foundry (Sam Bond's Brewing Company)

October 9, 7:00 pm CS & F at the Foundry

AND… Wednesday, October 28 at the Shedd, the first concert in this year's Chico Schwall's American Roots series. This one is called The Legacy of Lead Belly and Odetta.